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  • The Flavor! One of our keys to being different is the roast. We don’t go as dark as most other roasters. We provide a rich flavor without that burnt, ashy, campfire taste. We are committed to bringing each bean to its fullest potential.


  • The Freshness! Our coffee does not sit around waiting for you to buy it. In fact, it is roasted when we get your order. The freshest coffee you’ve ever had is delivered to your door every month, and we roasted it just for you!


  • The Value! Be a savvy shopper. Compare apples to apples and you’ll find we are a great value. Each bag is 16oz not 12oz. By putting more in every bag we save on packaging and pass that on to you.



  • The Buzz! Did you know the lighter the roast the more caffeine you get? That’s right, the darker you go the more of the drug you cook off. By steering clear of over roasting you get a fuller flavor and a stronger kick! The best of both worlds!


  • The Relationship! When joining our club you are joining our family. Seth Gragg & Eric Rauch are always available to answer questions, adjust your subscription or just talk about coffee! We love what we do and we love to hear from you!