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Thrasher Sample Box




NOTE: You get six (6) ounces of each sample, for a total of one and a half (1.5) pounds of coffee!

Not sure which of our amazing coffees you like yet? Then you’ll enjoy this sample pack. You can select four (4) samples of our coffees and in all honesty, you really can’t go wrong! Our coffee is always fresh, tastes epic, and it’s roasted for you, when you order — and not a minute before.

Thrasher Coffee started like many other good ideas: as a hobby. A couple of guys at work were tired of office coffee. Personal experience showed freshly roasted coffee tasted far superior to anything found in the local supermarkets and coffee shops. So we began experimenting with roasters, a variety of green beans, burr grinders, and French presses.  We refined our choice of beans and our roasting techniques, and in 2014, established the Thrasher Coffee Company to share our small batch craft coffee with the world.

Our ridiculously fresh, high quality coffee.

Homestead_BagLabelVibrant and spirited, with citrus acidity and a smooth finish, the Homestead Roast is deliciously versatile. It wakes you up in the morning and facilitates your after-dinner conversation.

Homestead Roast brews up a golden brown, but it’s not overpowering. In fact, you might call it hospitable, because it always makes room for sugar and cream – or flavored syrup, if that’s your thing.

Even if you prefer a darker roast for yourself, the Homestead Roast makes a great addition to your home or business pantry to ensure you always have a satisfying, rich cup of coffee right in the comfort zone of most coffee drinkers.


Pioneer_BagLabelThe medium-dark Pioneer Roast plays double duty. A “Goldilocks” blend that’s not too dark or too light, its flexible flavor profile goes well with foods both savory and sweet.

If you opt for fried bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast over a bowl of cold cereal or a bagel, you’ll find the Pioneer Roast’s notes of earthiness and toasted grain pleasantly accent your rich, savory breakfast.

On the other fork, if you’re looking for a good coffee to drink with your decadent double-decker chocolate cake, you’ll find Pioneer Roast’s touch of smokiness cuts through and complements your sugary treat.

Prospect_BagLabelThis dark-roasted bean packs a serious punch. Not all beans can stand up to the intense roasting temperatures required to turn a green bean into a lean, mean, caffeine machine.

That’s why our single origin Prospect Roast utilizes only the most robust beans from the mountains of Central Africa to give you the maximum in bean and roast flavor in one compact package.

But let’s face it. You’re drinking this coffee because you like the complexity and richness that only a dark bean can offer. Sure, this coffee will pair with food. But who cares? This is a coffee you drink on its own. You drink it black.


Liberty_BagLabelA combination of African and Central American beans, the Liberty Blend celebrates the “melting pot” quality that gives our United States vitality.

The Liberty Blend is intentionally mixed and roasted to be bold, the way we’d like all coffee to be. It begins with a refreshing balance of the best beans from Central America and Africa, and ends with a flavor only roasting in America can provide.

The specific flavors of this blend will vary from season to season, as all good coffees do, with coffee farming and cultivation ever changing throughout the year. But the essence of American craftsmanship will always ring true in this blended roast.


Frontier_BagLabelSaddle up with a savory, complex and decadent roast. Perfect for all your favorite espresso drinks! Frontier can also be prepared without an espresso machine. Explore the expansive flavor profile with your preferred brewing method.

Frontier is blended with the finest beans from India, Ethiopia and Brazil. This espresso offers a hearty mouthfeel with a sweet berry finish.



Settler_BagLabelWind down with our fragrant and luscious decaf. Its complex aroma and smooth, sweet taste are a great way to start your decaffeinated day. Pairs well with chocolate or sugar cookies. Try it iced with your favorite syrup and whipped cream for a decadent, soothing indulgence.

Sleep easy knowing Settler is always Swiss Water Processed and never chemically decaffeinated.


BuonGiornoFrom the hillsides of Tuscany to the waters of the Amalfi coast to the architecture of Rome, Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Whether it’s high fashion and fast cars or fine wine an extra-virgin olive oil, the word “Italian” is synonymous with quality and the enjoyment of life’s finer things. As an old Italian proverb urges, “If you cannot live longer, live deeper.”

We invite you to take a moment to live deeply and enjoy this robust Italian roast with us, your new friends, before you tackle life’s newest adventure.