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You can make the best cup of coffee in the world with just 10 minutes of learning,
and 5 minutes of your time brewing with fresh beans.


Coffee is a relatively simple beverage: it consists of about 98% water and 2% coffee extract. It can be prepared hot or cold (yep, cold brewing is a thing enthusiasts do these days) and served with a variety of augmentations, such as cream, sugar, and various flavorings. While coffee itself may appear to be rather straightforward, there is much about it that can be intensely complex.

Like wine, a good coffee bean has hundreds of different flavor potentials. Roasting the beans to the perfect level is our job; grinding the beans and brewing the perfect cup is by all rights yours. Most American homes use an electric drip machine to make their coffee. This is fine, but we highly recommend that you try one or more of the other methods we describe on this site to truly taste the Thrasher difference. Electric drip machines—although easy and convenient—often mask the subtle nuances a coffee has to offer: the flavors get absorbed by the paper filter and never make it into your cup or they get spoiled by the stale flavor of past brews.

The good news is that making your own coffee, and making it better than a drip maker can, is incredibly easy to do! In just a few minutes, you’ll be making coffee that pleasantly curls your toes—just follow the tips and suggestions all over our site and you’ll be rocking and rolling. And if you want more help, please email us. We really dig helping others make great coffee.

Far too many American coffee drinkers think of what’s in their cup as nothing more than a caffeine boost, rather than as a flavor experience. Each variety and blend of coffee contains a personality that is just waiting to introduce itself to you. Too often, we are in a rush to choke down a cup and get out the door, rather than taking an extra five minutes to actually taste the coffee.

This is our mission at Thrasher Coffee: to get the world to stop and notice just how different each coffee tastes, especially when the beans are freshly and carefully roasted. We think you’re going to love Thrasher coffee.