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The average coffee shelf at your local grocer is huge. Why so many? What makes a Kona coffee $30/lb. while the Kirkland brand is $6? Of course no mention of coffee pricing would be complete without the fabled monkey-poop coffee. Yes. It is real. More on that later.


It’s important to compare apples to apples. Getting a nice steak from your local butcher is a far cry from the manager’s special at a discount grocer. Coffee deserves to be lumped in with the finer things in life such as quality meat, fine cheese & good wine. Excellent company, the finest thing of all, is free!

kopi 2

This is Bad Company

Coffee is broken up into 2 major classes, commodity and specialty. Commodity coffee is your gas-station sludge, your endless cup at the diner. It’s much cheaper and it is traded on the commodity markets just like lumber or cotton. Quality is the real differentiator here. Special growing regions, ideal climates and elevations provide us with specialty coffees. Coffee gets a report card just like the one we hid from our parents in grade school. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America coffee must score 80 or above to graded as specialty. Here at Thrasher Coffee we only use coffee graded 90 or above! However a coffee being specialty is really only a possibility. Its potential for greatness has to be unlocked by the roasting process. That’s where we come in 😉

kopi 3

If you burst into lighting please seek medical assistance

So in conclusion specialty coffee has more and better flavors. Commodity coffee just tastes like meh ok maybe coffee. What about ‘premium’ and ‘gourmet’? Hollow buzz words with zero regulation or requirements. Pure fluff. You get what you pay for. Take that little extra time to craft your cup. Wake-Up to Better Coffee! …Oh and you’re probably wondering about that monkey poop stuff. Kopi-Luwak is a real coffee. You can try some for $350/lb. It is seriously derived from an animal’s droppings. The coffee cherries are eaten and pooped out by the Asian Palm Civet also known as a Toddy Cat.

kopi 4

Creepy & also Adorable

So these coffee munching cat monkeys ferment the coffee in their digestive tract. Their enzymes mix with the beans and pass through their intestines. Once defecated the droppings are collected which claim to have an amazing flavor. The Specialty Coffee Association of America wasn’t impressed; “It was apparent that Luwak coffee sold for the story, not superior quality…”

kopi 5

You’re telling me this isn’t a Payday bar?