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Our Beans


Why should I buy your coffee?

Because our coffee is always fresh, tastes epic, and you get a true pound (that’s 16 ounces, not 12) roasted for you when you order—and not a minute before. Every time. Because we take coffee roasting as seriously as you take coffee drinking. And because we drink the same coffee that we send to you; it’s good enough for us and our families, so rest assured it is good enough for you and yours.


What coffee beans do you send me?

The beans of your choosing. We believe you should have the final say in the coffee you want to drink. If your favorite dessert is chocolate, who are we to tell you, “This month, you will eat strawberries and vanilla ice cream because we think you eat too much chocolate.” If you want chocolate, and only chocolate, you can have it. You’re in control.


Why no decaf?

Decaffeinated coffee requires some special incantations with unusual chemicals and other things we don’t like to think about. And did you know that decaf coffee still has as much as 30% of the original caffeine left in it anyway? You can run from caffeine, but it always finds you in the end.


Is Thrasher Coffee expensive?

Because we make a simple business simple, and like to give more than we get, we have made Thrasher Coffee much less expensive than the average cup of boutique coffee (and ours is way better anyway). Our beans are freshly roasted and packaged as a true pound, not the 12-ounce bag of nitrogen-flushed beans you find on grocery store shelves.

One ounce of Thrasher Coffee beans can make between 16-20 ounces of freshly brewed coffee. That means you can easily make a rich cup (8 fl. oz.) of coffee with a half-ounce of ground coffee. This will cost you no more than 50 cents of Thrasher coffee. That’s at least a dollar less than the cheapest cup at just about any coffee shop, and it tastes way better!


Will you grind my coffee for me?

We won’t, sorry. It’s for your own good, since ground coffee turns stale very quickly. Think of ordering a pizza and leaving it in the cardboard box for a week before you eat the first slice—that’s basically the product equivalent of purchasing pre-ground coffee. Coffee should only be ground immediately before brewing; pre-ground coffee may be more convenient, but grinding as necessary is well worth taking the extra time. Not to mention that your coffee will stay fresher longer.

If you want to learn more about grinding your own coffee, it’s actually super-simple and we’d be more than happy to assist you. We have some introductory steps in a Brewprint here to help you get started.

Warning: Freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee beans are addictive.


What brewing methods work well with Thrasher’s coffee?

You can make excellent coffee with our beans with any decent brewing system. We have some recommendations here for you to try out on all of your preferred coffee drinks.

If you want espresso, we recommend using our Prospect Roast or our Gunpowder Blend (which is specifically crafted for use with espresso machines). If you want to keep things quick and easy, like with anelectric drip, Thrasher Coffee will sing for you, too.