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The never ending battle between the light and the dark stretches beyond the galaxy far far away and wages on in your mug. Like any good disagreement the loyalists on either side are passionate, and unwavering in their dedication. “Dark is the best!” …. “Nay, the light is the way!” Which side are you on?


Google image search never fails to amaze me.

The major difference between a dark and light roast tends to be the body. Darker coffees generally have a bigger body and thus feel heavier or more substantial in the mouth. This weight tends to be associated with strength, and assumed to have more caffeine. Thus the dark drinkers rejoice “We are the strongest!” but that’s not true. Darker coffees are ‘stronger’ in the sense they are heavier, but as far as virility and caffeine content, nay, they are mistaken. You see, as you roast darker and longer you are cooking-off more of the caffeine. Now you have a Wookie bemoaning the need for a strong cup of dark roast, but in fact the light lovers are far for wired.


Pull. Yourself. Together!

To produce a dark roast you must roast it…darker. Shocking, I know! Coffee beans are roasted to various temperatures to develop and unlock many flavors. A darker roast like Buon Giorno typically roast for an additional 2-4 minutes and ends with a temperature 15 to 35 degrees higher than our lighter fare such as Homestead. Not every bean can handle this amount of heat! That is why coffees from certain regions produce a better dark roast than others. Pushing a coffee beyond its limits in the roaster will result in the beans exploding. Really. They just blow up.


It’s no good to me burnt.

Ok so we’ve beaten the caffeine content horse pretty well now. So who cares? Is that why we drink coffee? Just to kick start our space unicorn hearts? Naaaaaay. We love and drink specialty coffee because it’s better. We enjoy crafting our cups, tweaking our method and sharing with our friends or favorite bounty hunter. Coffee is all about you enjoying it! So that means the flavor, aroma, body and effect. F.A.B.E….not a catchy acronym. Yea just forget that.



Here at Thrasher Coffee you’ll find our roasts are somewhere in-between the roast spectrums you may have come to know. We are much lighter than a certain Mermaid’s coffee, but tend to be darker than most craft roasters in Atlanta. Try our coffee and you’ll find the porridge is just right. Not to dark, not to light. You get the best of both galaxies! More flavor and more buzz. Everybody wins! So if you are on the dark side we invite you to try our Italian Roast Buon Giorno. For those loyal to the light we offer up Homestead. Until next time, we tip our mugs to you.

Choose your side!

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