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If you’ve ever had to wait on a barista to fix you a cup of coffee, you would be forgiven for reacting much the same way as Alan Rickman when Mr. Bean gift-wraps a Christmas present in the “flashiest of flashes.” These experiences might make us question whether we can actually make a great cup of coffee at home. The good news is that we can, but the even greater news is that it is not all that difficult either.

It seems as though every week or so, a new coffee preparation device is out on the market, promising everything (and more) to the specialty coffee enthusiast. Who would have ever guessed that mixing hot water and ground coffee could get so technical? Can’t something be both good and convenient? Well, actually, yes it can, but “great” and convenient is a bit more elusive. I don’t know about you, but I want my coffee to be great, not just good. This is what drives us at Thrasher Coffee Co. and we hope it drives you too. The difference between good and great coffee is worth the little bit of extra time and money it takes to achieve.

But why does great coffee take more time? Mainly for the same reason that great food takes more time. The difference between a McDonald’s hamburger and one from Fuddruckers is apparent rather quickly, but even the Fuddruckers burger pales in comparison to a perfectly grilled one from your own back porch. There’s just something about “handcrafting” that can’t be automated. Greatness takes time. Dumping water and ground coffee into a machine will never be able to yield the same results as a manual, detail-oriented process.

But which process is the best? Immersion? Pour over? Siphon? Pressure? The simple (and yet, not so simple) answer is: “It depends.” It depends on you and what you want from your coffee. It depends on what roast level of coffee you are using. It depends on how much time (and patience) you have. It depends on how committed you are to “greatness.” But, first and foremost, it depends on you making the decision to experiment and try new things.

Over the next few weeks, we will be taking a closer look at the various devices/methods and giving our two cents on which are good, which are better, and which are best. Our opinions are far from final, but they are informed by a love for great coffee and a reasonable willingness to invest some time and some money. Like you, we aren’t willing to spend hours or handfuls of cash in our pursuit of great coffee.

In the meantime, why not sign up for a Thrasher Coffee Plan that includes a free French Press (for a limited time). This will give you great coffee and a great (immersion) brewing device to jump start your own personal pursuit of the perfect cup.