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Is there a legend? Really, some mythical element to the world’s most consumed drug? A camp fire tale of epic proportions and wonder? Of course! The line between truth and fiction here is nice and blurry just how we like it. Once upon a time in a land far far away…well depending on where you live in relation to Ethiopia.



There was a goat herder known as Kaldi. Now imagine a world without coffee. OK, stop that was horrific, but there was a time. Kaldi roamed the highland of Ethiopia with his heard of goats grazing and basking in the natural beauty of Ethiopia. Really google it, it’s amazing. He noticed that after they ate a certain berry they appeared to be jumping or dancing. So of course he ate it as well. Now, whether he actually danced and what kind of dance he performed we’ll never know. For the sake of this tale let’s imagine it’s the mashed potato.


After mashing his potato he took this new magic bean to an abbot at the local monastery. The abbot made a drink with the berry and to his wonder was able to remain alert for much longer than usual! Those abbots, always making great stuff. The wonderful bean’s enchantment spread to the rest of the monastery and eventually to your coffee pot. Word got out and the buzz was on. We’ll dive into how coffee spread from the Arabian Peninsula next time…


It took a great deal of time to go from random goat snack to the crafted gourmet cup you drink today, but big things have humble beginnings. Eventually the bean was cooked and voila! The flavors were magnified a hundred fold. What started as a murky coffee stew fit for waffle house was eventually refined, filter and tweaked to perfection. Next time you brew a cup of Thrasher Coffee give a grateful nod to Kaldi and his Dancing Goats.