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Seriously Y’all, Wear Sunscreen

Summer is finally here. At last, the chill has left the air and allergies are beginning to fade…hopefully. (Here in Georgia, it seems like allergy season is as consistent as our traffic jams.) Now it’s time to Shoot-the-Hooch, hit some outdoor music festivals, and maybe visit Ol’ River Street in Savannah.


This is Shooting the Hooch…

Summer is a tough time in the coffee biz. Consumption goes down as the heat cranks up. Also lots of us are finally getting a break and hitting the beach! But our poor, beloved coffee is left in the cold 🙁 Now nothing beats snuggling up with your favorite mug by the winter fire, but that won’t do when it’s 90 degrees out. How can we gain a similar comfort in Summer? Enter: The Cold Brew.


Poolside Cocktail Please

Seems like you see it everywhere. That’s because Cold Brew is blowing up! It is very popular and tends to be very expensive. If it is the same $2 cup that’s just chilled why are you asking for $6? Well, it ain’t! Cold Brew requires more coffee and more time than a hot brew. Manufacturers also have the added cost of bottling, and the real kicker is that it is fragile. The cheaper stuff from big names is chock full of preservatives, and that’s why you see a dairy laden drink on the dry grocery shelf.


It Doesn’t Belong Here

The cold brew that we make here at Thrasher is not pasteurized and contains no preservatives. That being said, it must stay cold once prepared and the shelf life is 3 weeks. For that reason we don’t offer to ship it to our fans nationally, but we do serve it locally at our farmers market! 🙂 Since we can’t mail it to you, we’d like to show you how you can make it at home! It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll be saving time in the long run. You can make this on a Saturday and have delicious Cold Brew Coffee in the fridge all week. Just get up and GO!

famers market

For You Locals We’ll See you at Kennesaw Farmers Market every Monday 4pm-8pm!

For our Friends across America, try making it at home: you will love it!

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