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The greenback, the buck, the single, the dollar. This popular currency has many names, many uses, and of course, an interesting history. I’ll keep it short and sweet to go with your coffee. The first $1 bill was issued in 1862 with a portrait of Salmon P. Chase. Sounds like a character from Clue, but no: he was the Treasury Secretary under ol’ Honest Abe. He was given the duty of designing this new currency ,and certainly, after much humble deliberation, he decided his own visage was the only suitable option.


Kinda looks like a character from Clue as well…

George Washington didn’t appear on the $1 bill until 1929! At the time, it was a silver certificate. A few short years later, beneath Washington’s portrait, the text ‘One Silver Dollar’ was changed to the now more familiar ‘One Dollar’.  In 1957 the $1 bill became the first US Currency to bear the motto ‘In God We Trust’. There were many bumps in the road along the way, like… oh… the Great Depression, 2 World Wars, a transition from Gold to Silver to… well, nothing. All that juicy history is certainly worth a read, but let’s check back on that Salmon fellow.


Silver Surfer

Salmon P. Chase… in the library with a candlestick! Actually, you’ll find him in a much cooler spot if you’re lucky. Mr. Chase had hoped that being on the $1 bill would propel his political career and fame. He had already been a Chief Justice, Ohio’s governor and senator, and of course, Lincoln’s Secretary of Treasury. In 1928, the Treasury decided to honor Salmon P. Chase by issuing a $10,000 bill with his face on it. What an honor. Chase Bank? Yea, that’s named for him too.


As of 2009, there were 336 of these bills in circulation. Value? $140,000!

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