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Thrasher Coffee has had the pleasure of doing many local events this year—from Food-Truck Concerts, to College Football Pep-rallies. It is really great to get out and meet coffee lovers face to face. We’ll be doing even more of that every day once our café is open! We get lots of questions about our coffee, company, and culture. And one question comes up more than any other: “Where do your beans come from?”          stork

I think when you tout yourself as a “local coffee company” folks assume the beans are grown locally. We do roast them locally, but we import them from all over the world. Even if conditions were prime, we don’t live in the wonderful coffee belt. That’s not to say you can’t grow it here, it’s just not the best. In fact, we have a few coffee trees growing at our lab right now! Are we going to roast and drink those beans? You bet. Will they taste as good as what we sell online? Probably not. There is a magical ring around this planet where coffee grows best. It lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of

This would explain why you see the same origins from different companies. Having the same origin, does not mean it’s the same roast, or even the same variety of bean. One bean can be roasted countless different ways to unlock many different flavors. That’s where craft coffee gets its craftiness! So the answer to “where do your beans come from?” is specific to each roast. Our origins are now featured on our bags and there is a new zoom feature on If you hover your mouse over the bag you can get a quick glance at their flavor profile and origin. Below is a list of all our roasts and their origins.  We are currently developing a new subscription program called “Roaster’s Choice” where you can sample flavors from all over the world on a rotating schedule.  Keep your luggage packed and let your taste buds do the traveling!

Single-Origin                                      Blend

Homestead: Ethiopia                              Liberty: Bolivia & Burundi

Pioneer: Bolivia                                        Frontier: Ethiopia, Brazil & India

Prospect: Burundi                                    Buon Giorno: Ethiopia, Brazil & Sumatra

Settler: Guatemala