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About Us

Thrasher Coffee started like many other good ideas: as a hobby.

A couple of guys at the office were tired of delivery truck coffee. Personal experience showed anything found in the local supermarkets and coffee shops was sub par. And who wants to drive to sit in a drive-thru line to spend a lot of bucks on an over-roasted month-old cup of Joe?

Freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee tasted far superior to everything they tried. So they began experimenting with roasters, a variety of green beans, burr grinders, and French presses. It was soooo good. The smell would waft down the hallways til the boss couldn’t be satisfied with anything but “Eric’s coffee.”

So, we refined our choice of beans and our roasting techniques, and in 2014, established the Thrasher Coffee Company to share our small batch craft coffee with the world. Seth took the company to a whole new level, and many of you know him from local events and being our roastmaster for the past few years. “I don’t even need cream and sugar,” was an oft-repeated phrase and we loved hearing it. Others even said they had no idea coffee could have the same kind of “tasting notes” you’ll find in wine and beer tastings!

While everyone who tried Thrasher loved it, it wasn’t until we made a decision in 2018, shortly after Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “Red Hen” incident that growth exploded. We realized the far-reaching enthusiasm of President-supporting patriotic Americans was so strong, they were crying out for companies to walk with them and wave the Trump Train flag right alongside. They were tired of liberal policies being supported with their drive-thru dollars.

So we answered the cry. Now, not only are our coffees amazing, they burst with MAGA-pride.

Here at Thrasher, we don’t have warehouses full of months-old, shrink-wrapped beans shriveling up waiting to ship to a big box warehouse and get put on a shelf hoping you’ll order.

When you order from Thrasher Coffee, you’re going to enjoy such a freshly roasted cup it will make you glad all over again that you woke up another day in Trump Nation.

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The Brown Thrasher is the state bird of Georgia, which also happens to be where Thrasher Coffee is located – in the hills and dales of Paulding County, about 45 minutes west of the bustle of Atlanta.

We’re proud to model ourselves after this bird – an aggressive defender of its nest, but also one of the most accomplished songsters which may sing more than 1,100 different song types, the perfect model for our harmonious blend of family values and patriotism.

You’ll find our coffee explodes with nearly as many flavors, all while supporting the efforts of the 45th President to keep our country (and our borders) safe, secure, and free.


Glad you asked. Truthfully, we never intended for Thrasher to be a political company, or to be anything more than simply Patriotic. But we’ve seen that the support for Liberal values and mindsets and philosophies and candidates has become excessive in the marketplace today.

If S—-UCKS can openly support and monetarily assist Hillary’s campaign; if Big Tech can censor Conservative media; if the Red Hen can kick Sarah Sanders from her dinner table: why can’t Thrasher Coffee say we support the POTUS?

Also, it didn’t hurt our business one bit….in fact, Thrasher Coffee was part of a company conglomerate that achieved Inc. 5000 in 2019 due to the change. Resellers reached out. We even white label coffees for others. Conservatives began to realize not just their votes matter — so do their dollars.

So thanks for sticking with us. We’re on a mission to keep America great, one cup of coffee at a time.

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