5 Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Coffee Addict

‘Tis ALMOST the season, meaning only one thing:
Christmas Shopping is about to be in FULL swing!
(I promise, that wasn’t supposed to rhyme.)

With a myriad of repeated ideas each year, Christmas Shopping for the adult generation isn’t always so easy. Which is why I, one of the Coffee Addicts here at Thrasher Coffee, have put together an easy Stocking Stuffer list – full of unique coffee addict gift ideas just for your friends and family. Here we go:

1. The “My Birthstone is a Coffee Bean” Mug


This cozy, relatable mug has been one of our TOP sellers this fall! Better, get it for only $10.
2. The Leather Coffee Mug

This high-quality, locally-made craftsmanship makes the perfect gift for the rugged man in your life. Alternatively, it serves as an excellent conversation piece for you to show off to your covetous guests. (While you’re at it, introduce them to coffee that is freshly roasted by your very own favorite coffee roasters at Thrasher Coffee. 

3. Triple Up with our Personality Mug 3-Pack!


For only $25, get 3 mugs and give them to 3 people! We use these adventurous mugs to describe the personalities of our favorite individuals. Have a Teacher in your life? Are you an avid Reader? Is your best friend a Traveler? (P.S. These mugs also come for single purchase at only $10.)

4. Bundle Style: Deluxe Tumbler Bundle


Who DOESN’T appreciate a bag of coffee for Christmas? Select our Christmas Blend this season only and give your loved one (a.k.a. coffee loving grandma, broke college student, stressed momma) a mini sanity package for only $30. ($34.99 value)

5.Finally, the Double Dose Box.


This box allows you to select two mugs and two bags of coffee for a fraction of the price. Hint: you’re getting a free mug! Double Dose makes an above par couples gift for all the engaged friends you’ll probably get this fall/Christmas season.  *Also good for the coffee addict. I would know.

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