5 Ways to Reuse Your Old Coffee

Have you ever brewed a whole pot of coffee, drank a few cups, and put the rest down the drain? You are not alone and often times we tend make more coffee than we actually drink. It is truly a sad moment when you see all of that delicious dark nectar of the tropics go unused and unwanted. 

We know that day-old (even hours-old) coffee can’t compare with freshly brewed, but this is no reason to toss your dollars into the trash, and we are sure that given these new uses, you’ll never want to again. Here are 5 ways to reuse your old coffee. 

1. Coffee Ice Cubes

Take your leftover brew and pour it into an ice tray. Freeze and use in any iced coffee beverage. As the ice melts, it will be sure not to water down your drink!

2. Iced Coffee

The beauty of coffee already being made is that you can pop it in the fridge and enjoy ice coffee the next day.

3. Coffee Protein Shake

Add a couple scoops of whey, ice cubes, cocoa powder and sweetener of choice for a protein packed breakfast beverage. Kick start your morning with breakfast in a glass that keeps you going!

4. A Kick for Stew

Add one cup of leftover black coffee to your favorite meat stew for an octane boost and flavor enhancer. In addition to adding flavor, the coffee also helps give the stew a darker and richer color.

5. Use as Paint or Stain

Artists have been using coffee for years in their art. It dries with a faded, weathered brown color that is difficult to get with paint alone. Woodworkers have also found that coffee can be used as a subdued stain and as a simple way to color scratches and nicks in furniture for an “authentic” look that doesn’t require a whole new coat.

These 5 are quite literally the tip of the iceberg of what can be done with leftover coffee. Be sure to utilize the most out of every pot of brew you make! The coffee gods will thank you.

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