7 Christmas Gifts for Your Coffee Lover

Are you scrambling to buy gifts at the last second? Searching the web endlessly and finding nothing that fits the person you are buying for? Buying gifts for someone is definitely not one of the easiest tasks around, so we want to make it a piece of cake for you. All you have to is ask yourself one simple question, “do they like coffee?”, if you’re answer is “YES”, we have 7 perfect gift ideas for you!

1. The Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress coffee machines have made a huge impact in the coffee drinker world. It is extremely versatile, easy to clean, portable, cheap to use (filters for a year for $4.00!) and provides very little waste. These brand new machines retail for just $29.95!

2. A Chemex Pour Over Kit

This bundle gift is perfect for someone to make their very own pour over coffee at home. The kit comes with a Six Cup Classic Chemex Coffeemaker, a box of filters, glass coffeemaker cover and our latest cork coaster. The pour over technique allows you to control the amount of water to coffee ratio while bringing out the finer qualities of the coffee beans flavor. Buy all of the above for just $57.90!

3. Bags of Christmas Blend by Thrasher Coffee

Great coffee is truly hard to come by. The grocery stores are stocked with hundreds of mediocre beans that have been roasted months before they actually get into your coffee machine. Aside from the carefully crafted flavors in this blend, Thrasher Coffee prides themselves on “roasting-to-order” which means you are getting coffee at its peak of freshness. Get one bag for only $14.95 or a subscription for just $12.95 a month!

4. A Coffee Scented Candle by Helloyoucandles

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Now you can have that smell whenever you want without having the caffeine. These 8oz candles are made from soy which tends to make them burn longer and eco friendly. Plus, you can personalize them by adding a custom message on the package! Get a personalized candle for just $20.00!

5. The “I Like Big Mugs” print by artist Savello

A great addition to any coffee lovers household has got to be some coffee artwork! This print is colorful, quirky, and has a touch of humor to is. Definitely something that will make guests laugh (especially if they love coffee too!). The print is 5x7 and has an option to come with a frame or just the print itself. It is perfect for a kitchen countertop, kitchen decor, or even on an end table. The price of this print is even better costing just $10.00 for the art and only $20.00 to have it come framed!

6. A Copper Vintage Burr Style Coffee Grinder

This retro-chic copper coffee mill is essential for the slow brew coffee lovers. It has adjustable settings and is a manual burr grinder that does not provide any heat to your beans like a tradition electric grinder would. It is easy to clean and much less noisy than its counterparts. It also looks great on a countertop for an added bonus! Retails at just $19.99

7. A Coffee Mug Rack by WelshsWoodcraft

This mug rack is great for a coffee lover who loves coffee mugs too! It will serve as a display area for them to show off their collection while adding as home decor as well! This item is available in 4, 6, or 8 hook and you can also customize the color stain and hook. This item retails for just 44.99+

Every coffee lover would appreciate a coffee gift like the ones above. Holidays are for spreading love, cheer, and most importantly drinking good coffee with the ones you love most! Happy holidays!

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