Coffee Brewing 101

How do I brew this? 

How do YOU brew this? 

How can I make it better?


Hi, Seth here and I get asked those questions a lot at Thrasher Coffee. Keep in mind its just coffee folks. While it is of superior quality, you can keep on brewin' just how you always have. However, if you're ready to dive deeper into the coffee, keep reading for some fun tips on brewing methods. Including my personal ratios and recipes from home.

Ok first things first, if you've missed our blog, remember clean water is number one. Also grinding just what you need is a huge number 2. Also if you don't have a scale, grab one off Amazon for like $15, it'll change breakfast forever.  


The Pour Over

This is my go-to daily method. The advantage here is it's pretty fast, clean-up ain't bad and the flavor notes really jump out. 

Popular options are a Chemex or a V60. V60 sounds like a fancy machine or something, but it's just a simple cone-like shape that sits right on top of your mug. We sell a stainless steel version on our site, grab yours here. The perk here over a traditional V60 is you don't need to keep buying paper filters. I use 20 grams of fine ground coffee & a goose-neck kettle (not necessary, but makes it easier to control your pour).

  • Wet all your grounds and allow any bubbles to stop popping up. 
  • Then slowly add 300 grams of water, pour in a clockwise, then counter clockwise fashion. 
  • That method allows all the grounds to get wet and really maximize your cup.
  • When done, chunk the grounds in your compost or whatever and you're ready to roll!


French Press

I have a ritual where on the first day of Fall I put my pour-over away and switch to French Press. This method produces a much heavier cup. The delicious coffee oils aren't restricted by a paper filter. I feel like I'm drinkin' a cup that's really gonna stick to my ribs. 

  • I use 30 grams of coffee ground coarse & a regular ol' tea kettle.
  • Remove the filter, so you're left with just the base. Looks like a vase. That is the case. I suck at rapping. Stop clapping. Ok ok ok.
  • Now we're gonna ad 450 grams of water. Not too hot. I think 170-180 is perfect. I pull my kettle off no matter the method, right before it starts boiling. 
  • Get out your stopwatch. After 1 minute passes we'll do what's called breaking the crust.
  • Use a knife or spoon and break the hard coffee on the surface. Then stir. This puts all your delicious beans back in the brew. 
  • After a total of 4 and ½ minutes have passed, you're ready to plunge the French Press with your filter. 
  • This will make 2 small mugs or 1 big roadie tumbler. 


Cold Brew

My wife makes great cold brew all Spring & Summer. Extremely refreshing and delicious! This method can be a bit messy and time consuming. But, totally worth it. The benefit is you get enough coffee to last you the whole week. It also has more caffeine, less acidity and tastes sweeter. 

  • Take 1 whole pound of coarse ground coffee. Mix in a pitcher with 1 whole gallon of water.
  • Now what!? You let it sit in the fridge for 1 WHOLE DAY. Yep
  • Well that was easy. Now comes the tricky part. You gotta filter it. I do not have a fancy system or machine for this one. 
  • Place a few paper filters in a strainer over another pitcher. Pour your cold brew into the strainer, filtering out all the grounds. 
  • Don't drink it yet! This is a very strong concentrate. You will be absolutely wired. Dilute with water to taste. Add a pint of water to the concentrate and see how that treats ya. And yes we use metric and imperial here, because we just do. 
  • Now we sweeten, if ya like. Make some simple syrup. I use 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water. Mix that in a saucepan til the sugar dissolves.
  • Add that to your pitcher and you're done. Don't add the cream til you're ready to serve. 
  • Now you've got nearly a whole gallon of delicious cold coffee that's ready when you are. 


These are 3 of my go-to, year round methods. There are other types we'll go into next time like: Aero-press, moka-pot, espresso, ice cubes, affogato and so much more. The 3 we just went over are very easy and anybody can do it. It doesn't cost a fortune in gear. A good grinder will last you a decade or more. That's the biggest investment. Why blow $200 on a brewing machine, when you can spend that on better beans and have fun doing it?!

As always I'm here for your questions and comments. Show us how you make it and tag us on Facebook. #thrashercoffee

Thank you so much to our fans; those who have been here since day 1 and those who are starting day 1. We'll turn your breakfast into a science lab, your coffee break into an adventure and of course make every day that much better with a  great cup of Thrasher Coffee. Thank you! 

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