Do Dark Roasts Really Have More Caffeine?

You're buying coffee and you see a dark roast and a blonde roast and you think to yourself, which one will be stronger? Most people would choose the dark roast, and to be honest, it is an all too common misconception by coffee drinkers and lovers across the board. The thought is that a darker roasted coffee will contain more caffeine than than its lighter counterparts. We're not sure exactly why people think this, but we do believe it has something to do with the rich bold taste of dark roasts. Darker coffee can indeed have a “stronger” flavor (i.e., bolder, smokier, more bitter) than a light roast, but in reality, it has nothing to do with the caffeine content.

A green coffee bean (well, actually, coffee seed, but more on that in another post) can be roasted many different ways and the vast majority of coffee in American tends to come out somewhere close to a “medium” roast. Most chain restaurants and gas stations have been serving the same types of coffee for decades which tends to be something resembling a Folger’s or Maxwell House.

In reality, this perception of coffee is incorrect. There are two major varieties of coffee: arabica and robusta. Arabica is typically the higher quality variety and robusta is the higher caffeine variety (generally about twice the caffeine content). Most of those chain restaurants and gas station coffees we talked about before are actually a mix of robusta and arabica, while most specialty coffee shops are serving straight arabica. This fact alone gives the higher caffeine nod to the former and the better taste nod to the latter.

If you are in search of something amazing with a larger dose of caffeine, just go for the gold and try our Elysium Roast with 4x Caffeine! This roast will be sure to give you the bold amazing taste and richness of a dark roast with an extra POW of caffeine!

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