Does The Cost of Your Coffee Really Matter?

What makes a bag of coffee $30/lb. vs. $6/lb? The grocery stores, online stores, and coffee competitor pricing can definitely get overwhelming. Often times, people find themselves staring at a shelf full of price tags wondering what the ACTUAL difference is. To be honest, the biggest difference is purely the quality. Sometimes you can get away with buying a product at a cheaper price, where the quality is not being compromised, but unfortunately, coffee is not one of those things. When you sacrifice price in this scenario, you often will sacrifice the flavor, integrity, and of course the cup of coffee you drink everyday.

Coffee is broken up into 2 major classes.

  • Commodity
  • Specialty

Commodity coffee is your typical endless cup at a diner, gas stations, or restaurants. This type of coffee is much cheaper in cost and is traded on the commodity markets just like lumber or cotton. Often times, these coffees are comprised with several different kinds of coffee from many different places and because of that, the flavors can be very mild, as one bean is not dominant. Not only do they lack flavor because of the bean, but these coffees are also typically roasted at a very large scale and tend to be roasted for several months before consumption.

Specialty coffee comes from special growing regions, ideal climates, and elevations. Getting beans from single locations allow much more control over the process of creating different blends that bring amazing flavor profiles to the table. Most makers of specialty coffees (including us) carefully curate their coffees with the best quality and tasting beans they can find. In a recently study, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, a coffee must score 80 or above to graded as specialty. Here at Thrasher Coffee, we pride ourselves on ONLY use coffee graded 90 or above.

We value and appreciate the opportunity to serve greatness in every cup, to people all over the country. If you don’t believe us, you’ll have try it for yourself and taste the difference.




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