Introducing: Vallorani Cigars & Coffee

“I founded Thrasher Coffee for one reason: to share the most delicious craft coffee I have ever tasted with the rest of the world. Soon thereafter, I created a robust Italian Roast called Buon Giorno. A picture of my great grandfather, Luigi Vallorani, adorns the bag. Luigi loved coffee. Luigi also loved cigars.

Do you know what goes great with a cup of Thrasher Coffee? A great cigar. I am pleased to announce that I have recently launched Vallorani Cigars. Vallorani Cigars, The Luigi and The Aurelius, are built exclusively by Alberto Medina, an internationally recognized manufacturer of some of the best cigars in the world. Our cigars are the recipient of nearly twenty years of excellence and expertise in the cigar industry, forged by Medina’s passion, knowledge, and utmost attention to detail and quality.

Boasting a stout nature, these handpicked, hand-rolled, top-shelf cigars feature a Maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan filler. Cigar Journal rated Medina’s PIO Resurrection at a 92, giving it a 4-star rating for their 2013 winter journal. This is the self-same cigar that now bears the Vallorani Cigar label.” – Brandon Vallorani

Click here to try a pair of my fine cigars with a cup of Buon Giorno coffee: you will experience life at its finest.

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