Make Your Own Cold Brew

As the warm weather is approaching....

and the pollen is in full effect, we are excited here in Georgia to begin warm weather shenanigans, like Shooting-the-Hooch, outdoor music festivals, maybe visit Ol’ River Street in Savannah, and of course LOTS of cold brew coffee!


Warm weather can be a tough time for us in the coffee business due as we majority sell beans to be brewed hot. Consumption of hot coffee drastically goes down as the heat cranks up. Not only that, but lots of us are finally getting a break, going on vacation and hitting the beach! Unfortunately, our poor, beloved coffee is left in the cold. 😔 Now nothing beats snuggling up with your favorite mug by the winter fire, but that won’t do when it’s 90 degrees out. How can we gain a similar comfort in Summer?

Enter: The Cold Brew.


Poolside Caffeinated Goodness Please...

It may seem like you see it everywhere, and the truth is, you do! Cold Brew has become such a hot commodity that is is always readily available. However, since it is very popular, it tends to be very expensive. If it is the same $2 cup that’s just chilled why are you asking for $6? Well, it ain’t! Cold Brew requires more coffee and more time than a hot brew. Manufacturers also have the added cost of bottling, and the real kicker is that it is fragile. The cheaper stuff from big names is chock full of preservatives, and that’s why you see a dairy laden drink on the dry grocery shelf.


It Doesn’t Belong Here...

So to make your life easier, we’d like to show you how you can use our coffee to make your own at home! You get to play a barista have a lot of fun, and you’ll be saving time and money in the long run. You can make this on a Saturday and have delicious Cold Brew Coffee in the fridge all week. Just get up and GO!

For our Friends across America, try making it at home: you will love it!



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