Skip The Sugar

“I like my sugar with coffee & cream” 

We love getting feedback and after some time we have noticed one phrase rings over the others. “Y’know I usually put cream and sugar in my coffee, but this is great just how it is!” Viola! There is no greater pleasure than having somebody sip our coffee for the first time. We put a lot of love into those beans. Importing from the world over, roasting them to perfection. Designing our bags and social media, and finally grinding, extracting and drinking it! There’s no better feeling than when a newbie closes their eyes, taking in the aroma and flavor, then just says “wow” followed by an audible ahh of satisfaction. It’s a great feeling and we love introducing folks to a better brew.



It’s true, you can skip the sugar and the cream too. Recently at a wedding coffee was being discussed at the table. A guest was saying that a large bottle of flavored cream lasts them 2 weeks and were proud of that accomplishment. At 35 calories per tablespoon that clocks in at over 2200 calories per bottle. That’s 1000 calories per weak to make your coffee more stomach able. Sheesh! That terrible thought is on top of all the preservatives and other garbage floating around in there. Non-refrigerated dairy. I mean, c’mon…

Ingredient list of a popular brand:

Non-Dairy Product Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Palm Oil, Corn Syrup, Contains 2% Or Less of The Following: Sodium Caseinate* (A Milk Derivative), Dipotassium Phosphate, Natural and artificial Flavors, Mono and Diglycerides, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Carrageenan, Salt

How do you even pronounce this stuff?

Now this isn’t an argument or bashing of flavored creamers. Well, kinda but look at our beloved sugar: Clocking in around 48 calories per tablespoon it’s more caloric than sweet fake cream! Have mercy. Hell have a donut. Yumy chocolate donut is coming in at 195 calories. That’s just 4 days’ worth of sugar in the coffee, and that’s only if you’re using just 1 spoonful. Back in my sugar coffee days it was 2 or 3 at least! SO why not skip the sugar and treat yourself to a Sunday donut? You’ll still be ahead!


Oh baby

Why is it sweeter? Aha! We must be putting something in it. Surely a syrup or some new-age grass-fed-algae-kale powdered sweetener eh? Nope. Our one and only ingredient is coffee. Love doesn’t count. The natural sweetness is twofold for Thrasher Coffee drinkers. 1 it is simply better coffee. Think about the grades of meat you can purchase. Just a cut of steak. from the ‘manager special’ to Kobe there is a vast difference! The same goes for coffee. Did you know coffee gets a report card? Every coffee is graded and scored up to 100. By using the best beans you get a better cup. Plain and simple. These coffees have more flavor notes, better bodies and more sweetness.


Is your coffee going to summer school?

The second half of the equation is where we come in. The roaster. A farmer can send 1 bean to 100 different roasters and they can provide you with 100 different experiences. The roast is where the craft comes into craft coffee. Thrasher Coffee doesn’t roast nearly as dark as somebody like Starbucks. On the flip side we are a little darker than a lot of micro-roasters. It’s all about finding the sweet spot and bringing the bean to its fullest potential. The darker you go you cook off more caffeine and at a point the flavor. Overly roasted coffees have an ashy, campfire type taste that lingers in the throat. By pulling back the flames a bit and not burning the fool out of the beans you preserve coffees natural sweetness. It should be sweet. It comes from a cherry after all.


These ain’t grapes

So in conclusion please don’t feel ashamed of putting sugar in your mug. Enjoy coffee however it best pleases you. Share your love of coffee with your friends and open their eyes to specialty coffee. Coffee doesn’t have to be a bitter stimulate we tolerate so we can drive to work. It is a pleasure and an experience to be savored! Until next time we tip our mugs to you.

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