Sharing The Love Of Coffee

We all know that precious first cup, but what about drinking it beyond the morning. Whether you dread or rejoice over the new day, there is always comfort and pleasure in morning coffee (unless you have a brutal hangover, in which case we highly recommend coconut water or pedialyte first). For many, morning coffee is more than a stimulant—it’s a ritual. A soothing habit we can operate on auto-pilot. Eyes dreary and body sulky, we drift to the coffee. It’s this elixir that brings us to life and revives the morning zombie within us.

It’s brewing right now.

Coffee can be so much more than an aromatic stimulant. Coffee loosens our tongues, ignites our imagination, and invigorates our bodies. Rather than having folks over for beer and wings, try coffee and cookies! Share your ritual and bring outsiders into your coffee world. The general public is still asleep in regards to what coffee can and should be. If you are reading this article, you know. You are inducted. Do you recall who shared that first crafted cup of coffee with you? Or did you find your way here through your love of food and drink? However you arrived, it is your pleasurable duty to share your love and knowledge of a better brew. We’ve all had that “eureka” moment in our lives—when we tasted something, closed our eyes and it clicked. Those moments are the best part of being a foodie, and yes, I lump beverages in with food. Craft beer, great wine, and specialty coffee nourish us. It’s an emotional nourishment over a physical one. We joke that we need coffee or alcohol to live, but in reality we do need it on an emotional level.

How strong did you make it?

In coffee houses of old it was a place to gather, share ideas, and have fellowship with other citizens of Earth. Look at coffee shops now: plugged in and disconnected. Our eyes on the screen and ears clogged with speakers. Your home can be that coffee shop of old. Your coffee table can be a place of ideas, community, and friendship. Coffee is best served with company… and cookies. Craft your cup, pour at your place, and brew for your brothers. Next time you have a meeting or want to socialize, try serving up some great coffee. You’re less likely to call your ex or have an accident while drinking coffee. It’s as much a social lubricant as alcohol, and the other cup should be treated that way.  It’s a fun experience and you’ll be glad that you did.

Take a leap and be the host; introduce others to your magical coffee world.

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