Thrasher Store Stories: The Australian Bakery Café

Looking for a hidden gem in the North Georgia area?

If you haven’t visited the Australian Bakery Café, it’s worth your time. Located on Historic Marietta Square (and now also in Cumming!), this bakery boasts many unique and tasty treats. It is quite the local favorite for Aussie ex-pats and meat pie lovers. They offer an incredible breakfast, served with no less than a hot cup of freshly roasted Thrasher Coffee.

Throughout the day you can pick up their signature dish: an Aussie Meat Pie! Desserts abound as well as unique groceries from the land down under. Mark, Neville, and Barbie are always there to greet you with a smile and some hot food and drink to perk you right up! This is the perfect spot to try a cup of Thrasher Coffee, grab a bite to eat, and relax on the square.

Of course, if you can’t get to them right away, you can always try Thrasher Coffee online anytime. Keep up with us on Instagram @thrashercoffee or our Facebook!.

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