Enjoy The Greatest Coffee You Didn't Know Existed

Coffee markets are extremely competitive and we know that you are constantly being  bombarded with a large amount of options. You wonder, do you go on the cheaper route? The more expensive route? Do try something new? Do you grab it from your local coffee shop or grocery store? All in all, we are well aware that the experience can be quite overwhelming at times.
Many people don't know much about who we are, the product we sell, and what we truly believe in, and its a priority for us to change that! We have spent several years growing our small company and we have found some truly amazing loyal customers out there (you know who you are) who are avid Thrasher Coffee drinkers. For those of you who have seen our brand before but haven't tried it yet, we wanted to share a bit of who we are and where we came from with you. 
It all started about 3-4 years ago, when a guy named Eric decided that the normal "office coffee" just wasn't quite cutting it. Being knowledgeable coffee lover, he knew that fresh roasted coffee was far superior than the coffee you could buy elsewhere. One day, he decided that it would be a good idea to source some coffee beans and fresh roast the coffee himself. Since we weren't a coffee company yet, we definitely didn't have a roaster. So how were we supposed to roast this coffee? A POPCORN maker! Once we had the "popcorn maker roaster" Eric played with all different kinds of beans and roasts until one day there was a delicious coffee that came out of it. FINALLY!
The office staff was in shock and couldn't believe that his coffee was actually really delicious! Eric knew that this was something great, and he continued to refine our choice of beans and our roasting techniques, and in 2014, the Thrasher Coffee Company was born! (With a real roaster of course)
Our mission here has been the same since day one, which is "To share this amazing small batch craft coffee with the world!" 
You see, here at Thrasher we pride ourselves on ALWAYS providing: 
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee: We don't roast until you order. We don’t have warehouses full of pre-roasted, pre-packaged beans shriveling up waiting on an order. This way, you always get something thats deliciously fresh. 
  • Ethically Sourced: Our beans actually provide jobs for people all over the world. Farmers are paid very well and communities begin to thrive. 
  • High Quality Coffee: Our beans are among the highest quality scoring a 90 or above at the Specialty Coffee Association.
  • Convenience: We want to make your lives easier! With our subscription program, you will receive fresh roasted coffee delivered right to your doorstep. It will be the roast you like and the grind of your choice so you're ready to brew at all times. 
  • Customer and Community Care: We will always do what it takes to take care of our customers and our community. Not only have we sponsored many charities, but we continue to sponsor local events and schools in our town. It is extremely important for us to take care of those around us and to always appreciate every single customer. We want you to feel welcome to our Thrasher Family and share the goodness that it brings with others. 
  • More Coffee for Less: We think a pound should mean a pound so in our roasting model, we make sure that every bag labeled 16oz will receive just that. Most other coffee companies start with 16 ounces of beans, and after the roasting process you are left with a 12oz bag.
  • Honesty: We would never sell you anything that we didn't think was absolutely amazing. Our roaster Seth, is very talented and recipes are perfected over time before they ever hit our website. It is very important for us to be sure you are going to get a product you will absolutely love. 
Overall, we simply want to share amazing coffee with you so that you can enjoy it by yourself or with others. It is a beautiful thing to smell a fresh put brewing in the morning, especially when you know who and where it came from. We want you to be apart of something special and memorable by joining our family at Thrasher Coffee. We can't wait to hear about your experience with us and hope you share them because, that, is what the moments are made of. 
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