Why You Should Always Grind Your Own Coffee

Do you ever wonder why people go out of their way to get a great coffee grinder? We know, your counters are pretty cluttered already, but just hear us out. Most people tend to  think of using a coffee grinder as more work, more clutter, or just down right unnecessary. So, why is a grinder so important?

Using a coffee grinder is an easy step to adding a huge improvement in your home brewing process. For coffee lovers, this is your third most important tool. First, being the quality of water you use and second being incredible coffee.

Coffee beans contain delicious delicate oils and when ground fresh, you have more control over the process and what you get out of the bean. You control when you grind, how you grind, and how much you grind. This process in turn gives you the abundant aromas that the bean gives off. Most people lose 60% of the aroma when they purchase pre-ground coffee.

How you grind is a crucial step of the coffee making process because depending the machine you will use, you will be better suited with a specific grind.

  • French Press: Coarse Grind
  • Pour Over: Fine Grind
  • Drip Coffee: Medium

The grind will determine the richness and strength of the cup based on the machine. With a French Press, the coarse grind is important because makes it easier to push the screen down and will create less sediment in your cup.

The Pour Over method recommends using a fine grind because it slows the process down. The hot water will actually absorb better into the coffee and slow down the amount of time it takes to fill your cup.

Drip Coffee uses a medium grind because it typically has a filter inside which helps it retain some of the water where the fine grind is not necessary. This grind in a drip will provide a richer cup coffee.

There is a big definitely a deep nerdy side to the grind, just like every other aspect of coffee! Coffee lovers, if you are not grinding your own coffee, stop what you’re doing and open your world to a greater cup every time! You are the best barista we know!


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