Let's Go Brandon Coffee (Light-Med) Roast

Let's Go Brandon Coffee (Light-Med) Roast

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The Biden Regime is a complete failure. Well, they’ve succeeded at a few things like embarrassing our nation, creating a crisis at the border, and inflation. Drink this coffee proudly in your home. It also makes a great Christmas white elephant gift. Together our voice will be heard! Thrasher Coffee is America's Freedom Fuel!

After countless roasting sessions and tasting cup after cup of coffee, we settled on a combination of medium roasted and light roasted beans (we suspect James Madison made his the same way). The resulting blend is technically known as a mélange, but we still call it a blend; one in keeping with the diverse and blended nature of our favorite constitutional republic.

  • 12 oz. freshly roasted whole bean or ground coffee - we recommend fresh grinding just before brewing for the best quality, taste, and effect. Flag and Cross does not offer ground coffees at this time.
  • Origin: Barahona and Sumatra and Ethiopia
  • Flavor: Creamy, smooth with a light fruit note
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