Pioneer Roast

by Thrasher Coffee


Velvety and rich, with notes of tree nuts and cocoa, the versatile Pioneer Roast strikes out into the unexplored territory of the bold roast profiles.

The medium-dark Pioneer Roast plays double duty. A “Goldilocks” blend that’s not too dark or too light, its flexible flavor profile goes well with foods both savory and sweet.

If you opt for fried bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast over a bowl of cold cereal or a bagel, you’ll find the Pioneer Roast’s notes of earthiness and toasted grain pleasantly accent your rich, savory breakfast.

On the other fork, if you’re looking for a good coffee to drink with your decadent double-decker chocolate cake, you’ll find Pioneer Roast’s touch of smokiness cuts through and complements your sugary treat.

Blaze a new trail with the Pioneer Roast.

America has always had more than its fair share of pioneers. From Daniel Boone to Jimi Hendrix to Steve Jobs, there’s something in our DNA that drives us to do things a little differently.

But pioneers are nothing if not practical. Because a useless innovation is in many ways worse than a mediocre commonplace.

That’s why we named our medium-dark roast the Pioneer. It’s bold, for sure. But it’s not brash. It’s for the pioneer in all of us—with one eye on the frontier, and the other on taking care of business.