Settler Decaffeinated (100% Swiss Water Method)

Settler Decaffeinated (100% Swiss Water Method)

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Settle down and enjoy.

Wind down with our fragrant and luscious decaf, which we named in honor of the Americans who chose to leave comfort and security on the East Coast to travel westward and settle an unknown territory. The settler had to be strong, bold, courageous, and willing to face insurmountable odds to survive. We owe a debt of gratitude as a nation to the many settlers who claimed the Wild West for the United States of America.

Its complex aroma and smooth, sweet taste are a great way to start your decaffeinated day. Pairs well with chocolate or sugar cookies. Try it iced with your favorite syrup and whipped cream for a decadent, soothing indulgence. 

Sleep easy knowing Settler is always Swiss Water Processed and never chemically decaffeinated.

  • 12 oz bag ground or whole bean
  • 100% Swiss Water Method
  • Single Origin
  • Subtle hints of chocolate and nuts 

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