Thrasher Strong Trump 4-Pack

by Thrasher Coffee


This purchase includes the following:

  • X1 #45 BLEND

Thrasher Coffee is Under Attack…. AGAIN.

When Thrasher Coffee took a stand for President Trump and America last summer, we became a target. Radical Leftists, who had never even tried our coffee, swarmed our site to give us 1-star ratings. A liberal magazine wrote a nasty hit-piece attacking our company and our founder personally...

But something great happened in the process.

Red-blooded patriots just like you joined our quest of “Fueling The Conservative Revolution.” As a result, Thrasher Coffee company needed to expand operations.

We ordered a bigger roaster to meet the demand of thirsty conservatives. We hired more employees - another proof that President Trump is Making America Great Again. We bought a large delivery truck with a lift-gate to transport our premium beans from our supplier.

Things were really looking up. Or so we thought... 

In November of last year, we met with our County government to determine what was needed to transition from a home-based business license to a license that allowed us to hire more people, offer tastings to our guests, and house a bigger roaster.

We were counseled by our County government on how to best secure the permits to make this happen. In *private* meetings, they told us they were on "our side".
  • A public hearing was set for January. Then it was canceled.
  • A second hearing was scheduled for February. It too was canceled.
  • A third hearing was to be scheduled for this month.
    What do you think happened?
Not only was there no hearing, but we were visited by law enforcement telling us that our business license was revoked.
  • There was no warning.
  • No time was granted to transition to a new facility.
  • Just immediate termination of our business as well as a court date, where we must answer for operating our business the way we have for many years.
Keep in mind that our roasting operation is nestled on a private 8-acre estate with a beautiful Mountain View and a vineyard — not in a subdivision where our growing business would bother anyone. 
What on earth is going on here??? 

We are perplexed and saddened by this sudden change of heart by our County government. They were telling us what we wanted to hear in our private meetings, but apparently never intended to grant us anything. We didn’t even get the due process of a public hearing.

Guilty until proven innocent.
This doesn’t sound like the American way, does it?

The good news is that we’ve already found an exciting new location in a neighboring county who is welcoming Thrasher Coffee.

This new location will better allow us to serve you - our loyal customers.

We have some incredible new roasting equipment and a  K-cup manufacturing machine.

Will you consider ordering this 4-pack of our best-selling coffee for just $80?

Any purchase of any bag of coffee will help us at this time.

Your purchase will help offset our relocation expenses and get us up and running ASAP. Please consider sharing this with all of your conservative friends so that they can purchase as well. 

Trump Proud & Thrasher Strong,
-The Thrasher Team