The good news is that our President Trump is no pushover. Thank goodness! He’s got his dukes up, and he’s fighting for the United States of America and her citizens every single day.

Let’s show him we’re in his corner and VOTE: Trump 2020!

  • 12 oz. freshly roasted coffee – we recommend fresh grinding just before brewing for the best quality, taste, and effect.
  • Flavor: Deep hints of nutty cocoa
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I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty tired of a few liberal states acting like they know what America wants. Even in many blue states, it’s the cities that vote blue while red-blooded, red-voting Patriots are left to fume silently as socialist viewpoints are shoved down their throats.

ENOUGH. When you look at how many people flock to President Trump’s rallies; when you hear about the number of #WalkAway Democrats coming over to the Republican fold; when you see how much good President Trump has done for this country, it just makes us look forward to the next 4 years!

It won’t necessarily be an easy fight, because we all know the liberals lie, cheat, and steal everything they can (or try to). Bernie has his thieving eye focused on your wallet, Warren’s lied about her ancestry and background, and Biden’s sniffing everyone’s hair…. What a mess!

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Weight 12 oz

Ground, Whole Bean