#45 Blend + Il Presidente Cigar Combo

by Thrasher Coffee

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Perfectly paired is our most popular coffee to date!

We are proud to release Il Presidente — an exquisite Old World cigar dedicated to our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. President Trump is a winner and so are you. We encourage you to light one up in celebration of President Trump’s historic election and all of his accomplishments as well as your own. Most liberals abhor cigars and everything else that great. This is your chance to blow smoke in their faces.
Handmade in one of the best tobacco growing regions in the world, Nicaragua, Il Presidente is the cigar world’s best-kept secret. The medium to full body flavor is delivered by the combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers, Mexican binders, and a beautiful San Andres Maduro leaf - also grown in Mexico. 
This is one of the finest cigars to ever to reach the U.S. market. 60% of the brands on the market today, whether well known or not, depend on no more than 10 factories that are currently in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Brandon Vallorani’s partner, who shall remained unnamed for now, personally sources and oversees the production of our boutique cigars from these factories. Since 1996, he has recruited the finest Cuban rollers to Miami, Florida who have brought with them the old techniques and qualities of hand-rolled Cuban cigars used in Habana, Cuba before the Revolution in 1959.