Avenging America: First Family Tribute Coffee

Avenging America: First Family Tribute Coffee

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President Donald Trump has accomplished so much for America since elected. The unemployment rates have plummeted; the economy is strong; our borders are more secure than ever, and the United States Space Force has become a sixth military branch. 

But the Captain of America has some pretty amazing compatriots to join him on his mission to Make and Keep America Great! 

Ivanka and Donald Jr. have been heavily active as well! Advocating for families, writing books, traveling as representatives of our great country in numerous circles, and making so many things happen. We felt it was time that the First Family members got a little more recognition and appreciation for everything they're doing. 

So welcome to our tribute: Avenging America Coffee from Thrasher Coffee!

  • 12 oz ground or whole bean
  • Freshly roasted
  • Origin: Burundi, Kenya, Barahona, Sumatra and Ethiopia
  • Flavor: Creamy and smooth with hints of rich Cocoa 


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