Impeachment Hoax Survival Coffee

by Thrasher Coffee


Enough is enough, isn’t it? You cannot seem to turn around without seeing rabid leftists hating on the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. 

Apparently it doesn’t matter if everyone Hillary associates with seems to eventually “commit suicide.” They ignore a horrible mistake made in Benghazi, overlook Pay-to-Play Politics, and turn a blind eye to Clinton Foundation scandals — not to mention Slick Willy’s … (well, we won’t touch that one…literally). 

Why is the Clinton Crime Family untouchable, yet when someone “heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend,” they waste millions of taxpayer dollars on this IMPEACHMENT HOAX? It’s because Donald Trump has DC-Draino running through his veins and they are scared he will start cleaning up that swampland once and for all. 

They are determined to stop him to the point of lying, cheating, and grasping at straws. It’s ridiculous! We need a strong, hot cup of patriotic coffee to get through this clownfest!

Enjoy the latest brought to you by Thrasher Coffee — thank goodness the liberals haven’t found a way to outlaw coffee yet. Hopefully this circus will be over soon.

  • 12 oz ground or whole bean
  • Freshly roasted robust coffee
  • Flavor: Deep hints of cocoa
  • This was a pre-release and is a special edition blend
  • Our initial batch is in stock and will begin shipping after Christmas!