Make Your Own Coffee Blend + FREE SHIPPING

by Thrasher Coffee

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We're going to send you 4 delicious coffees to make your very own blend!
Who might make the perfect cup!
Here's how I want you to imagine these coffees as you blend and experiment:
  • Bolivia = Nutty, light body
  • Ethiopia = Fruity, light body
  • Burundi = Chocolaty, heavy body
  • Sumatra = Earthy, heavy body
Each bean of course has a multitude of flavors, what will you find?
You can use this tasting wheel as a guide. Start at the center and work your way out. There are no wrong answers :) Keep an open mind & Enjoy!
For brewing I'd recommend a pour over for this project. But any method will do. Use 20 grams of coffee, and 300 grams of water when you brew. 
Try your coffee hot, but try again after its room temp. The flavor notes will be much more noticeable. 
You can use 2, 3 or a mix of all. For example our Liberty Blend is 13 grams Bolivia & 7 grams Burundi.  Stick to 1 cup at a time to spread out your adventure. You have enough beans to make 15 cups. Let me know your favorite via instagram, facebook or email me [email protected]