Patriot 3-Pack

by Thrasher Coffee


A Pack Perfect for Patriots: Liberty Blend, Pioneer, & Homestead

Homestead Medium Roast: Vibrant and spirited, with citrus acidity and a smooth finish, the Homestead Roast is deliciously versatile. It wakes you up in the morning and facilitates your after-dinner conversation.Homestead Roast brews up a golden brown, but it’s not overpowering. In fact, you might call it hospitable, because it always makes room for sugar and cream – or flavored syrup, if that’s your thing.

Pioneer Medium-Dark Roast: Velvety and rich, with notes of tree nuts and cocoa, the versatile Pioneer Roast strikes out into the unexplored territory of the bold roast profiles. The medium-dark Pioneer Roast plays double duty. A “Goldilocks” blend that’s not too dark or too light, its flexible flavor profile goes well with foods both savory and sweet. If you opt for fried bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast over a bowl of cold cereal or a bagel, you’ll find the Pioneer Roast’s notes of earthiness and toasted grain pleasantly accent your rich, savory breakfast.

The Liberty Blend: is intentionally mixed and roasted to be bold, the way we’d like all coffee to be. It begins with a refreshing balance of the best beans from Central America and Africa, and ends with a flavor only roasting in America can provide. The specific flavors of this blend will vary from season to season, as all good coffees do, with coffee farming and cultivation ever changing throughout the year. But the essence of American craftsmanship will always ring true in this blended roast.