Prospect Roast

by Thrasher Coffee


A bold new prospect. Liquid gold.

This dark-roasted bean packs a serious punch. Not all beans can stand up to the intense roasting temperatures required to turn a green bean into a lean, mean, caffeine machine.

That’s why our single origin Prospect Roast utilizes only the most robust beans from the mountains of Central Africa to give you the maximum in bean and roast flavor in one compact package.

But let’s face it. You’re drinking this coffee because you like the complexity and richness that only a dark bean can offer. Sure, this coffee will pair with food. But who cares? This is a coffee you drink on its own. You drink it black.

You listen to music. You light your pipe, your cigar, your fire. This will keep you going. No matter what your prospects.

Savor the frontier.

American prospectors made it all the way to the coast. They were never able to shake that pilgrim feeling that there was something even better a little further West… just a bit further on.

When some settlers hunkered down and built houses in the fly-over states, the prospectors kept going. They were looking for gold. But they were really hoping for a dream.

The Prospect Roast honors that tradition. Going well beyond first crack, our expert roasters take these intrepid beans all the way to oil-coated glory. This is a bean that goes the distance. For people who won’t settle for anything less.