Southern Flavors Coffee Duo (2 Pk) Special!

Southern Flavors Coffee Duo (2 Pk) Special!

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Two Pack Special!

1 Bag of Bless Your Heart Peach Coffee:

Because we live in the great peach state, we are bringing you a taste of Georgia in this blend.

This coffee brew has the perfect kick of ripened peaches to give you a strong start to your morning or help you get through that afternoon slump.

Bless Your Heart Peach Coffee is GREAT Over Ice Too!

1 Bag I'm Nuts About You Southern Pecan Coffee:

Our Southern Pecan flavored coffee is custom roasted to perfection and then flavored to create this classic Southern flavor with the savory, creamy buttery taste of toasted pecans. 

You can have this coffee with creamer add-ons or milk and go through several cups savoring the uninhibited charm of the butter pecan flavor. Or, you can have it bare, just like that, with nothing to top up. It makes an excellent cup deep down from the south with absolutely nothing to add to it. You can better call it a dessert coffee to be savored as a culmination to meals or as a snack-time sweetheart! Southern Pecan is a usually mellow tasting coffee with no other substitute for the flavorful first sip – a smell that makes you smile while you sniff off and sip away, a taste of the toasty pecans melting in your mouth effortlessly. If you are wary of the bland or bleak tasting lots that mask for flavor, choose from regular bestsellers like this Southern favorite.

For those liking lighter cups for their morning goodies, a Southern Pecan is just the right take. If you prefer sweeter flavored ones, dive into the simple sweetness of Southern Pecan and get ready to be blown away by its toasty, nutty, delightful indulgence.

To get the hang of the crowd-puller taste of pecan flavored coffees you just can’t help going south!

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