Welcome to Thrasher Coffee Co. We’re small-batch roasters of high quality, responsibly sourced coffee. We don’t roast until you order, so you can be assured the beans you brew are as fresh as you can get without roasting them yourself. We source beans from around the world and every bag is a full 16-ounce pound — that’s 30 percent more coffee than most other folks pack. Definitely more bean for the buck. Our proprietary roasts are designed for discerning coffee lovers.

We’re roasting just for you.

Coffee Plans

The only way to ensure you’re brewing the freshest coffee every day is with our coffee plan. You’ll get extraordinarily fresh beans delivered to your door every 2 weeks or once a month. Plan prices start at just $18.99 per pound and shipping is always a flat rate of $5. Choose your roast, then choose your frequency.


How It Works

We’re a small team of coffee fanatics who believe unbelievably fresh coffee should be available to everyone who appreciates a fine roast—especially you. Learn more »

1. Choose your roast

Get acquainted with our beans and roasts and find the one that’s right for your cup.

2. Roaster Prepares Your Order

We roast the beans based on your choice and we don’t roast until you order.

3. Get your coffee

Unwrap your very own box of craft-roasted, super-fresh coffee. Grind, brew, savor.


Tales about coffee culture, brewing tips, and other musings from the Thrasher Coffee Co.

Thrasher Recipes: A Summer Summary

Ah, summer days. Cold coffee is one of the best things about summer time. Nothing beats sitting by the pool with an iced whiskey coffee cocktail – AMIRIGHT? Need a refresher? Here’s our summer summary of coffee recipes to try before the pool closes and the air turns crisp! 1. Whiskey Coffee Cocktail 2. Affogato 3. Cold Brew 4. BBQ Coffee Rub WHISKEY COFFEE COCKTAIL Ingredients: 1 Shot Whiskey 1 Shot Bailey’s 2 Shots Thrasher Coffee 1/2 Cup of Cream, Milk or Whipped Cream Directions: Add to glass. Shake or Stir. Enjoy! AFFOGATO Ingredients: A few scoops of ice cream. Thrasher Coffee (see our pioneer roast) Chocolate Syrup (optional but delicious) Directions: Drown the ice cream in the freshly roasted coffee and top with chocolate syrup! DIY: COLD BREW Click Here to Watch Step 1: For every 1 gram of coffee you need 7 grams of water. In the video we grind 150 grams of coffee, put it in a 12oz french press, and pour 1050 grams of water over it. Make however much you want! Step 2: Let the coffee steep in the water either 12 hours over night or 24 hours in the fridge. Step 3: Once it is ready, strain it in your french press and pour it into a separate container. Step 4: Remember that Cold Brew is a concentrate! It’s not like iced coffee! You will need to dilute it with water. We prefer to dilute it 50/50 – that is, 50% water, 50% concentrate! However, that might be too strong or too weak for your liking! Dilute it to your taste. Final Step:...

Why all Coffee is not Created Equal

The average coffee shelf at your local grocer is huge. Why so many? What makes a Kona coffee $30/lb. while the Kirkland brand is $6? Of course no mention of coffee pricing would be complete without the fabled monkey-poop coffee. Yes. It is real. More on that later. It’s important to compare apples to apples. Getting a nice steak from your local butcher is a far cry from the manager’s special at a discount grocer. Coffee deserves to be lumped in with the finer things in life such as quality meat, fine cheese & good wine. Excellent company, the finest thing of all, is free! This is Bad Company Coffee is broken up into 2 major classes, commodity and specialty. Commodity coffee is your gas-station sludge, your endless cup at the diner. It’s much cheaper and it is traded on the commodity markets just like lumber or cotton. Quality is the real differentiator here. Special growing regions, ideal climates and elevations provide us with specialty coffees. Coffee gets a report card just like the one we hid from our parents in grade school. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America coffee must score 80 or above to graded as specialty. Here at Thrasher Coffee we only use coffee graded 90 or above! However a coffee being specialty is really only a possibility. Its potential for greatness has to be unlocked by the roasting process. That’s where we come in 😉 If you burst into lighting please seek medical assistance So in conclusion specialty coffee has more and better flavors. Commodity coffee just tastes like meh ok maybe coffee....

Summer Recipes with Pioneer!

Let’s Pioneer Something! Blaze a trail to a better brew. Have you tried our Pioneer roast? This week we’re highlighting one of our most delicious and versatile coffees: Pioneer. This coffee comes from Bolivia, which is very rare and exotic! Sure, we see offerings from Colombia & Sumatra all the time, but when did you you last see a Bolivian coffee on the shelf? Land Locked & Loaded with Potential Bolivia produces the smallest amount of coffee of any Latin American country! They have all the ingredients needed to make superb specialty grade beans. Altitude, fertile soil, and consistent rain culminate into a wonderful flavor in your mug. The challenges they face though are rugged terrain and a lack of infrastructure for post harvesting. Bolivia is actively facing these challenges by investing in technology, agriculture and their infrastructure. Rugged but Handsome Thrasher Coffee brings out amazing flavors in this delicious roast. The effort results in a very nice nutty flavor with strong notes of almond and peanut flow smoothly in a very balanced body. This coffee never feels too heavy, nor too light! Little Red Riding Hood would be very pleased with this brew. The acidity is quite pleasant and very mild to boot. A delicious way to start your day….or end your night! Here are some ways you can enjoy it in the summer time! You Deserve a Whiskey Coffee Cocktail Pioneer’s nutty flavor works well with whiskey or dark rum in your favorite cocktail (pin it on Pinterest.) How it’s Made: 1 Shot Whiskey 1 Shot Bailey’s 2 Shots Thrasher Coffee 1/2 Cup of Cream, Milk or Whipped...

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